She’s a woman

She’s a woman
strong and confident she stands
against all odds
she does not bend
beautiful and wise she stands

She’s a woman
in a world of men
like dust she can disappear
yet she does not bend
walking tall because she can

She’s a mother
a wife and a lover
a sister and a daughter
a leader…

There’s strength in adversity
when trouble comes
and hardship beckons
she fights with her wit
and battles not with her fists
she cries,
yet her tears do not signify she’s weak
she cries for her family,
she weeps for society
and with her tears
determination comes to light the dark
to right the wrongs
to prove her worth

She’s a woman
God’s gift to men,
her strength gives her will to win,
her passion never wears thin,
her beauty comes from within,
her love is everlasting…

She’s a woman,
tall and passionate she stands,
with courage that makes her stronger than men,
like dust she can disappear,
yet for eternity,
she will always be here.


First posted online: Wednesday October 24, 2007

(Own pic)

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