Thoughts are messy,
vision is foggy,
life moves too slowly,
as I sit here with me…

It’s cold in here,
yet somehow I’m warm with the memories,
gently I push the mess away
and my thoughts fill with the perfection that is yesterday,
as I close my eyes, I feel you again,
as I reach out my hand, I touch you again,
as I breathe in softly, I can smell you again…


Left with these memories,
I hold them close and recall your kiss
a kiss on the lips to celebrate the love
a kiss on the cheek for a dear sweet touch
a kiss on the forehead that says I’m here for you
a kiss on a wound and the pain just flew…


Though the future is still unknown,
yesterday is mine
the memories shall remain
you’re with me all the time
wherever I go, wherever I’ll be
one thing is for certain
you’ll always be with me…


First posted online: Wednesday August 29, 2007

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