Change is inevitable

A child, bright-eyed with innocence
A dream emerging from a vision
A hope that transcends all hindrance

We are all ever-changing
From love to life
From nothing to something
From hope to reality

Change is inevitable
The essence of being
To strive for progress
Revolutionizing the old
Augmenting the new
Reviving the silence
Resounding the noise

To live means to grow
The world is constantly thirsting for advancement
Moving forward, aiming for the stars
Dreams and desires, abundant
Striving for betterment
Evolving every second

Change is inevitable
It is with change we yearn
It is from change we learn
It is through change we discover…

From the days of Caesar
And the rise of the Roman Empire
From history we gather
Moving forward is power

Knowledge is the key
To discovering reality
We unearth and uncover
Pristine wisdom
Unmasking nature’s wonder
To enhance our humble existence

Change is inevitable
To rise above adversity
To fend off ignorance and depravity
To subsist in an ever-challenging world

With change comes progress
With progress comes greatness
With greatness, good is achieved
Bringing light to darkness
Offering hope to those in despair
Sharing joy in sadness

We are all humans
Made up of love and hope
Of dreams and passion
Our minds are endlessly reeling
Seeking for knowledge
Looking for ways to bring about change
Searching for a better tomorrow
Improving to alleviate suffering
Laboring to expand horizons

Change is inevitable
As we journey on the path of life
Traveling through hurdles and obstacles
We discover a magnitude of wonder
Yet at the heart of it
At the very soul of all existence
We long to make the world a better place
For our children
And theirs
For our legacy
And theirs…


First posted online: Friday July 27, 2007

Note: This poem was written for a corporate launching event.

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