A love song’s sonnet

Enchanting music that soothes the soul,
The magical words,
Like sonnets that lulls the princesses,
Like strength to the warrior’s bravery,
The spell it weaves on a lonely heart,
The language it speaks to two souls in love,
The language of romance,
The true heart of love making,
For no passion is truly achieved without words,
The words that are the power of love.

So sweet, so precious…..
How it reaches the parts no lips can touch,
No hands can reach…..

Amidst the chaotic rush of today,
These words brings out the fairy land in us,
It weaves a magical tale of romance in you and I.
For the world is no longer a romantic place,
However some of its people still are,
And these words, are the link…..
Hold on to the words, and don’t let the world win…..


(Pic credit http://www.rgbstock.com)

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